E2-Residential Door Lock(support)


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This page summarizes various questions about E2 products, please check through the catalog .Other contact : support@easilok.com or sales4@easilok.com


  • How to use the two buttons(Anti-mislock button & dead button)



    Home Enter Door Lock

    1.Twist-to-Lock your front door deadbolt lock keyless, never waste your time to search where is your key, especially for children & elderly people & mothers with rambunctious toddlers and infants or hands are full or occupied.
    2.What is the surface treatment of EASIKOK

    3.Easilok Deadbolt - Stainless Steel Deadbolt (deadbolt durability test )
    4.EASILOK has two unique buttons: Anti-Mislock Button & Dead Button

    Demo of easy installation

    1.EASILOK Demo of easily installed by a 7 years girl
    2.EASILOK E2 Super detailed installation & use
    3.EASILOK installation--thanks for Jacy Elsesser sharing the Demo of showing how to install and us.
    4.Feedback and evaluation