1. All of the keys to the locks look the same. Does that mean anybody can get in to my house?

In the lock industry. The odds of someone else having the one same key are very, very low, due to there is only one keysperhaps be the samein  every 70,000 pcs 6-pincylinders.

2. Can I buy a cylinder to replace your cylinder?

No, our cylinders cannot be replaced. They are special made as a part of the twist-to-lock assembly.

3. If I don’t have a key, can I unlock the lock?

No, the only way to unlock an EASILOK without a key is by calling a locksmith for help or by accessing the lock from inside the house.

4. Does the EASILOK rust?

Never. Our lock materials are all made with 304 stainless steel casting and lathe finish, so they will never rust or fade.

5. Is the lock harmful to the body?

Never. The surface of the lock is just lathed. There is no electroplating, spray paint, or baking lacquer used on the product.

6. Will the knob get stuck?

No. The EASILOK lock is manufactured with the strongest materials and the best bearing inside to ensure that the knob works smoothly forever.

7. I am interested in having 7 locks, 8 locks or even 9 locks unlocked by the same one key (for example, the front door, side door, back door, and additional doors throughout the store). How can I order multiple locks with same key?

We offer products with up to 4 locks that can be unlocked by one key. If you are interested in custom-ordering one set for 5 or more locks, please call us to order it first. We will deliver it to you within two months.

8. I currently have twin-locks or triplet-locks installed, but I want another lock which can be unlock by the same key that I currently have. How can I buy additional locks that will be compatible with my existing locks?

In order to make the same cylinder and more keys for you according to your current set, you will have to send to us one of keys on your hand. We will reproduce cylinders and keys base on the key you sent us.

9. I don’t know if my door is left or right throw. What if I can’t install it? Will I have to send the lock back to you to change it?

Our locks can be installed in both left and right throw directions just turning over the spindle when you install it, so there is no need to know which direction your door is prior to ordering your Easilok.

10. Do you have an ANSI/BHMA security rating?

Our product is new on the market and we are working on receiving the security rating. All of the shells and twisting lock accessories has been set with 1 million lifetimes at least. The lifetime of the latch and cylinder are 300,000 times, which is more than the locks with standard Grade 2.

11. With one easy twist, my child could lock everyone, including themselves, out of the house. How can I prevent that from happening?

The Easilok comes with both an Anti-Mislock Button to prevent accidental locking as well as a Dead-Button, which works as a child safety lock on the interior knob to keep the door in either locked or unlocked status.

12. Can I use this lock to lock the door from inside of a house?

Yes,inside the house you can lock or unlock the door freely without any key, just like an ordinary lock. All locks have been set for emergency use inside the house, and our knob lock is very easy to hold and use. Our built-in bearing makes the knob smooth and easy to handle. 

13. Can I order these in a satin nickel or brass finish?

Our Easilok products are currently only available in high-grade lathe finish, which will never fade, rust, or wear out. Moreover, lathe finish are environmentally friendly and harmless because they contain no paint, oil or e-plating.

14. Are the keys non-duplicable? How many keys come with a lock?

Our single lock product comes with 5 keys.  Our Twin Lock comes with 10 keys, our Triplets Lock comes with 15 keys, and our Quadruplets Lock comes with 20 keys.

15.  These keys look different than regular keys. Is it easy to get extra keys cut?

   our lock sold around the world,we have SC keyway, yale keyway and computer keyway according to the market,

16.How do you open the door? Do you need a key?

You can only open the door with your own key that goes with your lock. Nobody else can get in if they don’t have a key.

17. Is this lock harder to pick that other types of locks?

 Yes, this is a very safe and secure lock and is more difficult to pick than ordinary locks with outer-teeth keys.

 18.  If a neighbor decides to buy an Easilok, will he/she be able to use it on my door lock?

       Our cylinder uses a 6-pin technical lock. This means that only one in more than every 70,000 keys could be the same. So needn’t worry about this.