California Lock Company AIsecure’s Latest deadbolt E2 Is now Recommended as the best deadbolt in the World

AIsecure is a company that was established in 2020 in California, USA. The company specializes in designing innovative security products for homes and businesses. They have a wide range of products that are designed to provide protection against all types of threats.

Traditional mechanism deadbolts need to be upgraded

Deadbolt is used mostly for home doorways & storefront doors etc that open to strangers passing through. So it needs a higher level of security. The obvious drawback of traditional mechanical DEADBOLT locks is that you have to use a key to lock the door, which sometimes makes it unsafe and inconvenient to give the key to someone else. 

Need to invent a more secure and convenient deadbolt lock

Mechanical locks always occupy about 95% in the market and smart locks are generally only suitable for front doors of houses and offices, but the shops, room doors, kitchen doors, fire escape doors, outdoor courtyard doors, drawers are almost traditional mechanical locks due to fatal defects of the electronic lock such as short life span, heavily relied on batteries and network. Therefore, smart locks are also reckoned as unstable, and easy to be cracked, and a traditional Deadbolt with up to date technologies is the only option. 

EASILOK E2 deadbolt, when tradition marries modern

The EASILOK is a unique deadbolt which can be Twisted-to-Lock keyless, patented deadbolt using innovative mechanism that is designed to offer the ultimate in convenience and security. It has been engineered for use in homes and  local shops, it is also designed to allow locking without a key when leaving.

Here are some features you will love:

  1. Keyless Twist-to-lock deadbolt

Keyless Twist-to-Lock, the patent filed by AIsecure Inc, is absolutely a game changer. It no longer requires a key to lock the deadbolt. Instead, Just simply twist the knob with your hand, and the door will be locked! Meanwhile, an Anti-Mislock Button will also prevent you from being locked out by mistake.

  1. An unpickable Night Latch built-in

A built-in Night Latch is designed to be pick-proof. The unique design provided by AIsecure uses a special type of mechanism that was developed to overcome drawbacks that make traditional mechanism deadbolts vulnerable.

    3. special materials and workmanship ensures the family super safe

 The deadbolt of EASILOK E2 is made of 304 stainless steel by casting, which is a military grade steel which makes it extremely solid and robust. This means that it can withstand wears and tears without getting damaged. Also meanwhile, the lathe finish process will never fade and get rusted.

  1. Super Easy to Install

Comparing with traditional mechanism deadbolt, EASILOK E2 mechanism deadbolt takes less efforts to install, it does not need anything but a screwdriver to install. The whole installation process is easy and can be done within several minutes.

     5: Highly recommended by LockPickingLawyer

EASILOK E2 deadbolt was top rateded by LockPickingLawyer on Youtube. He is the most famous lock picking expert in the world that has over 4 million followers and had testing over 1500 different locks. He  praised “EASILOK E2” highly and call it” The best built deadbolt Ever and I've never seen before".

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