5 Reasons Why E2 of EASILOK is the Only Deadbolt You Need

You need a deadbolt for your doors, but there are so many options to choose from. You don't know which one is the best and you don't want to make the wrong decision.

The wrong deadbolt can be a security risk and can leave you vulnerable to break-ins. You need a deadbolt that's easy to install, easy to use, and durable enough to keep your home safe.

EASILOK E2 is the only deadbolt you need for your doors, after testing EASILOK, I will give you 5 reasons to trust this deadbolt:

  1. Twist to Lock Keylessly with an Anti-Mislock Button

Twist to Lock is a deadbolt with no key, which means there is no need to insert a key is no longer necessary for locking your doors. The feature of Twist-to-Lock makes EASILOK E2 door locks perfect for elderly people,parents with young kids, and whoever with their hands occupied, because they can quickly lock their doors and secure their homes. The Anti-Mislock Button on exterior knob was made to prevents any unintentional twisting that could lock you out, meanwhile yet it still allows keys and the interior knob to work as usual.

     2.  An Unpickable Night Latch

EASILOK E2 has an unpickable lock with built-in Night Latch Button on interior knob, the idea is to allow you keep the door either “locked”  or “unlocked” . This feature would be perfect for those homes or shops with people frequently going in and out, Meanwhile, you should be happy to know it's the only deadbolt in the market that can't be picked, bumped, or drilled by any tools. So EASILOK E2 door locks are the best choice for those people who need bring more safety but also convenience to their prosperities;

   3. Never fades and rusts

The finish of EASILOK E2 is processed with lathe followed by 304 stainless steel casting. It will not rust and hardly wears out which makes the EASILOK E2 Deadbolt Lock unbelievably durable. So any properties under harsh conditions like yachts, freighters and houses next to sea. Meanwhile, the lathe finish is more eco-friendly because it does not use any painting, e-plating, oil, or baking,and it’s safe for those especially children with allergy-concerns;

   4. Military Grade, Heavy Duty Deadbolt

EASILOK E2 is a Military Grade, Heavy Duty Deadbolt that is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. It's made of the highest quality 304 stainless steel and has been tested to meet the toughest standards. EASILOK tested the product to make sure it is reliable. The strict and rigorous tests include drop test, hammer impact, chainsaw cutting and car rolling . So whoever need super solid deadbolts, EASILOK E2 deadbolt will be your choice.

   5.  Easy to Install

EASILOK E2 deadbolt is a revolutionary new product that is super easy to install. It can be installed in just a few minutes with a screw driver, even a child can do it (parent supervision is required).

Give Your Door a New Lock

You will love the round, groove and cutting edge design of EASILOK E2 deadbolts as they are so luxury, beautiful and fashionable;

EASILOK E2 is also recommended by LockPickingLawyer as the “The best built deadbolt Ever and I've never seen before”. This is the most reputable locksmith Youtube Channel that has over 4 million followers and tested over 1,500 locks so far.


EASILOK E2 is easy to install, easy to use, and durable enough to keep your home and property safe. With EASILOK , you'll never have to worry about being vulnerable again! Click here to buy EASILOK  E2 Deadbolt now.